Regional archaeological expedition

Discoveries of archaeologists refer to the outstanding achievements of world science. In Kazakhstan, in recent years it has become more and more important to update research methodologies, implement natural sciences and achievements of scientific and technological progress to archeology methods, systematization of materials, their unification and creation of summarized archeology works on their basis.

Regional archaeological expeditions are set up to implement scientific activities of the company in terms of research works at the historical and cultural monuments. Supervisors of the RAE are members of the Scientific Council and RAE includes leading archaeologists of the regions. All RAE use common innovative "Techniques of archaeological activities and archaeological documentation."

Acting as the administrative management and understanding the importance of effective management sharing and exchange of scientific experience, Archaeological Expedition committes to colleagues and partners:
  • comply with applicable law, advise and promote the content of articles of the RK Law "On protection and use of historical and cultural heritage."
  • facilitate the research interests of its scientific staff through themed expeditions, educational seminars, publishing authors' books and monographs, and regular magazine "Expedition".
  • ensure the jobs to its scientific staff in the regional archaeological expeditions with fair salary.
  • commonly implement innovative "Techniques of archaeological activities and archaeological documentation" in terms of modernization and unification of research processes and results of scientific works.
Archaeological Expedition purposefully aspires to develop Kazakhstan archeology through direct participation in national projects, experience exchange and consolidation of leading archaeologists efforts of all Kazakhstan regions, cooperation with the government, the widespread implementation of effective management in the field of research, protection and use of historical and cultural heritage.

In terms of widespread popularization of Kazakhstan archaeological heritage, implementing into practice its understanding of Kazakhstan national idea, Archaeological Expedition aspires to expand its business activities on maximum level by active participating in various educational TV projects, designing and construction activities of national archaeological parks, publication of popular science literature.