Institute of Geological Science named after Satpayev K.I. DES RK
The Institute is a leading geological research center in Kazakhstan. The major activity is to conduct basic and applied research projects. It has well skilled staff and advanced laboratory analytical systems, allowing to carry out wide range of researches.

Documentalist LLP
The principal direction of Documentalist LLP activity is the performance of multiple measuring works of the monuments of archeology and architecture using the latest innovative technologies. The scientific staff of the Company consists of the highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of archeology, architecture and programming.

High professional level of the specialists and use of modern technologies give us the new possibilities to carry out the measuring works of any complexity. Methods for 3-D recording based on combination of the geodetic measurements and digital photogrammetric survey allow obtaining new results qualitatively. The accurate 3-D colored models and orthophotomaps of high-resolution record all dimensional features of the subject as well as its color features. All these characteristics allow us to issue the drawing documentation of the highest quality attached to a single coordinate grid, which can be used not only for publications and scientific reports but also for subsequent works on reconstruction and restoration of the fixed objects.

These recording methods have been successfully used in many objects of historical and cultural heritage of the local and national property. Therefore, we know from experience how to accurately measure and record all the beauty and majesty of material component of our history!

Expeditionary Services LLP
The main activity of the Company is the management of full complex of the expeditionary services, including:
- organization of adventure and historical tours around Kazakhstan
- rental of off-roaders and other types of the special vehicles
- arrangement of the field camp, living in tents, gers, guest houses
- field feeding support
- evacuation of people and equipment from hard-to-reach places.