Research works on troubled archaeological sites

Archaeological excavations are the main and important form of comprehensive scientific study of archaeological sites. The purpose of archaeological excavations is all-round fixation and documentation of a site followed by scientific analysis, including full characterization, architecture, topography, planigraphy and stratigraphy of the site, description of the cultural layer, detected artifacts, and so on. If necessary to receive any additional scientific information, specialists of natural research are involved in the works (geologists, soil scientists, paleobotanists).

During archaeological excavations on troubled archaeological sites (located in the industrial construction area) the «Archaeological expedition» uses the generally accepted in Kazakhstan methodological principles of classical archeology and modern engineering means and techniques used in documentation of archaeological sites. At the end of research the scientific report to be prepared, which includes a complete description of works performed, photo-attachment, drawings and plans of excavations, collection inventory of finds and other information. Scientific report is subject to approval by the local executive body. The historical and cultural examination is performed on the basis of this scientific report.