Ladies and gentlemen!

We would like to invite you to join us in a long-term cooperation of archaeological examination of land and research on emergency archeological monuments, various construction projects of motor roads, fiber-optic lines, oil and gas pipelines, development of deposits and other types of construction.

Archaeological Expedition was founded in 2012. Our company possesses a license to provide archaeological and restoration work throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, has passed the State scientific accreditation and has the right to work with state budget expenses. Due to the professional work of Archaeological Expedition, dozens of unknown monuments were discovered and saved from destruction. A number of remarkable discoveries have been made and a significant amount of new data on the ancient culture and history of Kazakhstan has been recorded.

Cooperating with us, your company will receive not only a professional service and quality assurance of services, but also make a significant contribution to the study and promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. A significant portion of the funds we receive are allocated to the development of our scientific activity, the organization of archaeological expeditions and training of young scientists, historians and archaeologists.

Timeliness, low fees and quality of work are guaranteed.


Umarkhojiyev Arman

Director, Master of Historical sciences