History of project “Discovering Kazakhstan” started over 10 years ago after release of thematic photo galleries devoted to historic sites, modern cities, the flora and fauna of Kazakhstan.

From the very beginning, the main objective of "Discovering Kazakhstan" was the wide popularization of Kazakhstan; improve awareness of the international and Kazakhstan community in its deep history, dynamic present and promising future. The mission of the project is to create favorable conditions for formation and strengthening of patriotism spirit and unity, pride for the country and tolerance in the Kazakhs public consciousness.

Historically developed image of Kazakhstan as an open and hospitable home of peoples and cultures, is an excellent basis for the targeted strengthening of the unity spirit, patriotism and cultural identity of the Kazakhstan people. Such aware unity can only arise in complex of broad knowledge of history, culture, core values, differences and peculiarities in relation to other people and entire world community.

Each project "Discovering Kazakhstan" is designed for the wide audience and implemented using adaptive project management tools and modern technology. One of the most powerful and popular media of today is television, which covers more than 90% of the potential audience.

Kazakh TV is still significantly stand down in its quality and content to most foreign channels, therefore President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his speeches repeatedly raised the issue up-edge regarding lack of national educational, scientific TV programs in Kazakhstan.

Exactly in this stream project "Discovering Kazakhstan" is currently being developed.