Leader of Science Award
Thomson Reuters Company, the world leader in providing the analytical information for professionals in science, business and media and National Center of Scientific and Technical Information JSC (Kazakhstan) have established the independent award “Leader of Science” to the scientists, whose scientific works are included in 1% of the most highly quoted works in the world during 2005-2015 years.

The awarding ceremony was held on October 28,2015 within the frame of the International Forum “Science Integration of Central Asian Countries in Global Space”. Many representatives of the scientific elite from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan,Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Turkey and the USA have been gathered in the hall of InterContinental Almaty. Fourteen Kazakhstani scientists whose publications are included in 1% of the most highly quoted articles in the world for the recent ten years have been awarded.

The Kazakhstani Historian and Archeologist Victor Zaybert has received the universal recognition for his many years of work to prove demonstratively that the horse for the first time in history has been domesticated six thousand years ago in Kazakhstan, the results of work have been published in the famous journal Science in 2009.