Creativity of the musical group "Alma-Ata" immediately thrusts forward with bright and memorable melodies. We are proud to present you three new songs of "Alma-Ata", each is gorgeous and unlike anything else you've listened so far. About the song "You're the winner", especially during viewing, you like to say that this is a new anthem of Kazakhstan, which fills you with pride for your country and your President. The song "Old Capital" is dedicated to the musicians’ beloved city, to its long history and all Almaty residents. Slightly melancholic and pretentious, but at the same time such personal and honest, this song is imbued with Alma-Ata spirit, its gardens and fountains. The words of the song "Assalam Aleykum", are so open, close and clear to everyone, that question is raised – why still it was not sung before? – This song is a message of good will "to all inhabitants of the earth, to the sun, to the sky and to the moon." For the same reason this song was chosen as the final chord for the Paul Komiti film "Discovering Kazakhstan."

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