About Company
LLP "Archaeological expedition" – is Kazakhstan non-governmental scientific organization acting for study, protection and use of historical and cultural Kazakhstan heritage.

The company's specific activity is arrangement of complex archaeological expeditions throughout the Kazakhstan. Works are carried out with the use of modern methods for project system management. The scientific activity of Archaeological expedition is supervised by the Scientific Council. Project Management Unit (PMU) manages archaeological expeditions.

The company has the "know-how" in terms of the latest techniques of field work and archaeological documentation, which significantly allows to improve the integrity and objectivity of field work, to modernize and unify many research processes and results of scientific works.

Archaeological expedition equipped with advanced geodetic equipment (Leica, Trimble, Garmin), special transport and communication means.

Archaeological expedition has subsidiaries in most regional centers of Kazakhstan. Research Staff of Regional Archaeological Expedition (RAE) is formed from the leading archaeologists of the regions.

Archaeological expedition is primarily focused on incorporation of efforts of all archeologists in Kazakhstan in order to "make the greatest archaeological discovery", respecting fair competition and offers equal cooperation for all scientific organizations in Kazakhstan.